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Bulk  sms Today, the world is changing fast. People have busy lives and they hardly have time to talk to every person they are supposed to talk with. In such a scenario, people need a tool that enables them to communicate with others without having to go through the practice of making conversation with everyone. Many a times, a number of people have to be informed about a particular thing. The best possible mode in such a situation is SMS. SMS or ‘short message service’ is an amazing tool. This is an easy way of communicating with a person on his or her cell phone. As the name suggests, SMS consists of a small written message which is send to the inbox of a cell-phone by a sender. SMS can be at maximum of 160 character, hence its format has to be objective and to the point. You can send group sms  to a number of people at the same time.

Send Bulk SmsBulk sms These days, SMS is fast becoming a great tool for various businesses. Companies have realized the importance of this service as they can easily use this service for marketing, customer care and various other services. After all, it is the need of every business to reach its customers in the fastest and the simplest way possible. While doing this, the companies also have to keep the customers convenience and privacy in mind.

Many a times, companies have to inform their entire customer base about a particular thing. Calling each and every customer is not practical for most companies due to various time and money constraints. Also, it will be hard to explain the information to every customer verbally. Hence most companies, these days, send bulk sms to its customers by hiring a bulk sms service which sends the sms on its behalf. MicroNet is one such service that enables you to send bulk sms from pc.

Bulk sms internet site provides Free Bulk SMS Software for sending cheap bulk SMS from computer to mobile in India from web. You can send group sms from internet.